Gift Ideas for a Fitness Fanatic Who Requires Socially Distracting At-Home Workouts

We all have that one friend who can't seem to get enough exercise, whether he or she is a jock, an athlete, or a yogi. We all have that one friend who is always unsure about where to begin when it comes to working out. We could even want to treat ourselves to some fitness-friendly items to help us take care of ourselves at a time when we really need it. We've picked up all of the must-have devices and accessories for outfitting any training area, whether your friend is a longtime fitness lover or, like many of us, is seeking for innovative ways to get in some activity at home during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A Multi-Use Exercise Mat
An exercise or yoga mat is a must-have for any at-home workout, whether you're reconnecting with yourself through some contemplative, stress-relieving yoga or putting in some push-ups. Sure, you can do some exercises without one, but a good mat may make things a lot more comfortable, especially if you have hardwood flooring in your home.

The better the padding, the less tension and aggravation your wrists, knees, and feet will experience. We propose the ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat or the WWWW Non-Slip Yoga Mat if you want to get the most out of your purchase. You can't go wrong with this. Bonus: Just like a discrete deskspace can benefit individuals working remotely, an exercise mat can help you or your receiver separate workout time from rest time.

Alternatives to Hand Weights: Resistance Bands, Kettle Bells, and Other Hand Weights
Hand weights and dumbbells have become increasingly harder to come by this year, which is somewhat unsurprising. With so many people working from home — and gyms and rec centers closing to combat COVID-19 — our homes have become not only offices, but also fitness facilities. We have a few terrific hand weight alternatives if you're looking for something different.

The Fit Simplify Resistance Bands are first on the list. The latex bands are available in five (color-coded) resistance levels, making them suitable for both beginners and experts. Resistance bands, best of all, can be smoothly integrated into yoga and pilates routines or used independently for strength training. The Whatafit Resistance Bands Set might be right for you if you want to take things to the next level: These resistance bands function similarly to the others, but they are secured to a door, tree, or other stable surface. Looking for a tried-and-true solution? The Yes4All Coated Kettlebell Three-Weight Set is a good option. These bright weights can be used for a variety of exercises. To meet your workout level, choose from a variety of weight combinations.

A Suspension Alternative and a Doorway-Friendly Pull-Up Bar
There's nothing like performing some good old-fashioned push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and leg raises for a wonderful upper-body and abs at-home workout. The ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar is a fantastic tool that can assist you or a fitness-conscious friend do all of those activities with ease (right). This portable device is made of steel and can support 300 pounds. It is easy to install into any available door frame and comes with a choice of grips and handles so you may vary your routine.

Looking for a full-body workout that doesn't (necessarily) include door frames? The TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System is a great option. It's like a cross between a pull-up bar and resistance bands in certain aspects. Simply fasten the TRX to a door, rafter, beam, tree, or post to support up to 350 pounds of resistance. Don't simply sit there and watch it; get those reps going!

Staying on Track with Fitness Trackers
You've probably heard someone say, "Hold on — I need to get my steps in," or seen someone make laps around the workplace to meet an activity goal if you know someone who wears a Fitbit. These high-tech pedometers are more than just a fad; they're a terrific way to hold yourself responsible to movement objectives, track your sleeping habits, and so much more.

Are you unsure about which Fitbit is best for you? We've put together a few ideas for you.

The Fitbit Flex 2 (right) is an improvement to the company's original breakthrough health tracker. As you can see, the Flex 2 is Fitbit's slimmest model ever, but if a wristband clashes with your style, the tracker element can be removed and placed in various compatible bangles and pendants. Best of all, this waterproof band is equipped with SmartTrack technology, which allows it to identify workouts you do on a regular basis and offer you with all the data you need to achieve your fitness objectives.

Are you looking for anything with a display? The Fitbit Inspire 2 (center) is a budget-friendly option that's also simple to use. Swipe up on the watch display at any time to see a summary of your metrics, including step count, calories burnt, miles traveled, and more. The LCD display allows you to read texts, set noiseless alarms, and do more with this device, which also performs basic sleep-tracking features.

Do you like a smartwatch-meets-health-tracking-device model? Take a look at the Fitbit Charge 4 (left). This tracker, dubbed Fitbit's "most advanced," isn't as feature-rich as a full-fledged smartwatch, but it does include the ever-elusive built-in GPS, 24/7 heart-rate tracking, in-depth sleep tracking, a seven-day battery life, "tap to pay" options, and the ability to access weather forecast, timer, and calendar apps, among other essentials.

With a Weighted Jump Rope, You Can Be the Next Big Thing.
Aren't we all familiar with the jump rope unit from gym class? What was once a pleasant blacktop recess sport has suddenly become the latest fitness craze. If you've ever taken a boxing lesson or seen a Rocky movie, you're aware that jumping rope can be a strenuous (but effective) cardio workout. If you're new to this exercise, the Survival and Cross Jump Rope is ideal for beginners, thanks to its lightweight grips and twist-free rope.

Do you want to go above and beyond? Adding weights to your training program is the greatest way to do this, and weighted jump ropes make it simple. The VoxLova Weighted Jump Rope, with its heavier grips, will assist you or the receiver enhance your stamina and get an arm exercise during your aerobic routine, all at an inexpensive price. If you're looking for something a little more robust, the Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope allows you to switch between lighter and heavier ropes fast and efficiently, ensuring that all of your muscle groups receive a good workout. Best of all, you can get more information about certain workouts by downloading the Crossrope app, which is part-intense, part-fun.

Athletes on the (Medicine) Ball should read this.
Do you want to stay on top of your fitness game? With the following items, you can literally do it. The XGEAR Medicine Ball is the first item on the list. You're probably familiar with the old toss-the-weight-ball-back-and-forth exercise routine – it's a fantastic one to do with a workout friend. This easy-to-grip, weighted ball may be included into any routine for building core strength and stability, even if you're working out alone.

The GalSports Exercise Ball is a terrific way to spice up daily routines. It's ideal for yoga, pilates, ab training, and low-impact pregnancy activities. Do you want to work from home? This one can also be used as a form of ergonomic seating. Because the "micro-movements" connected with maintaining your equilibrium in a ball chair help you engage your mind and body in a different way, you'll be more productive and focused. Now go have a good time!

With Boxing Gloves and a Full-Length Mirror, Get Rid of Frustrations
One strategy to stick to a fitness regimen is to make it about something other than the exhausting exercises. Focus on mastering a skill rather than the exhausting movements. Mind over matter, as they say. Boxing, also known as kickboxing, is a terrific way to reduce tension, get a full-body workout, and learn a new sport. While enrolling in classes can be advantageous, you can also achieve a lot on your own.

A mirror, such as the Huimei2Y Full Length Mirror, is a good investment. This will help you concentrate on your form, reminding you to maintain your fists close to your temples and preventing any unnecessary arm swinging (a.k.a. the easiest way to hurt yourself). Do you want to improve your jab-cross-uppercut combo? Add a set of gloves, like these Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, to make you feel like you're in the ring while you're training.

Everyone's Favorite Running Shoes
The importance of finding the greatest pair of running shoes remains the same whether you're a novice, an expert, or somewhere in between. There are numerous options available, but we've narrowed the field to our favorites.

For starters, if you're looking for shoes in women's sizes, we offer the adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe, a light, foot-hugging shoe with a Cloudfoam memory sockliner for all-day comfort. The Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe, which is composed of lightweight, breathable mesh and provides runners with both balance and comfort, is a great option if you're looking for a men's-sized shoe.

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