The Best Winter Boots for Any Climate in 2021

Every year, winter and its antics — all that biting precipitation and difficult terrain — seem to elicit a slew of inquiries about where to locate the ideal pair of winter boots. After all, there's nothing like being trapped in a snowstorm with shoes that provide about as much traction as a pair of ice skates to ruin a bright winter day. You'll need a pair of boots that are warm, robust, and sturdy, as well as capable of handling the circumstances you expect to face.

We have a selection of terrific winter boots that are intended to resist whatever Mother Nature throws at you when the temperature lowers, whether it's rain, snow, mud, or something in between. There are high-quality, built-to-last alternatives available for everyone, from top-of-the-line leather selections to charming winter boots for milder regions.

Choosing Warm Winter Boots for a Variety of Weather and Terrains
If you live in an area where extreme winter weather is a regular occurrence, you may already be aware of the value of the protection that only winter boots can provide. However, the type and style of boot you choose will ultimately be determined by a number of considerations, including the following.

Weather type: Not all winter boots are created equal, as several are designed to handle specific types of storms and that's it — which is good if you live in a location where just one type of weather is experienced. However, you'll still need to buy boots designed for the requirements of that particular weather. If you want to keep your feet warm and dry when it's raining, for example, you'll want to see if the boots you're considering are waterproof rather than water-resistant. While water-resistant boots will not be wrecked in an unexpected deluge, they will not keep your feet as warm and comfy as seam-sealed waterproof boots.

Temperature ratings: If you're looking for extreme winter boots to keep you warm in subzero temps, temperature ratings are an important element to consider. This value indicates how low the temperature may go — and how long it can stay there — before your feet become affected.

Traction: The form and tread patterns of a pair of winter boots' bottoms are vital to consider for stability, just like the tires on your car. This is especially important when dealing with slick ice. Hiking boots, which are meant for use on slick or off-road areas, tend to rank high when it comes to traction support. For better balance, look for boots with treads that provide more grip.

Last but not least, don't forget to inquire about the interior of the boots you're considering. If you're worried about freezing temperatures, make sure you choose a pair of boots with a heated internal lining that will keep your feet warm when you're out in the cold. Snow boots, in particular, frequently have removable linings, which are great for keeping your feet toasty and making cleaning easy.

Without further ado, here are our top selections for the best adult-sized winter boots.

Skechers are the best shoes for moderate rain.
Sketchers has you covered if you're looking for a comfy sneaker that will keep your feet safe from puddles. If you're looking for a boot that combines the comfort of memory foam with the dependability of waterproof outsoles, the Pond-Lil Puddles-Mid Quilted Lace Up Duck Boot is a great option. Scotchgard has been applied to the felted fabric uppers to keep water out and ankles toasty.

Sketchers' Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot, a relaxed-fit ankle boot with air-cooling memory foam for increased comfort on days of longer wear, is available in larger widths and lengths typical of what are normally dubbed men's sizes. These are a terrific choice for staying comfortable and elegant on a rainy day, thanks to their smooth, water-resistant leather surface.

Columbia Snow Boots are the best for snow, slush, and ice.
When winter decides to throw down its worst in terms of weather, a good pair of boots is more necessary than ever. That's when you'll want to put on a pair of Columbia snow boots to ensure you're ready for when the slush hits the fan. The Wheatleigh Shorty Snow Boots feature Omni-grip traction rubber outsoles, waterproof suede and textile exteriors, and plush fleece linings. This sportswear firm is recognized for its sturdy gear, which includes footwear like the Wheatleigh Shorty Snow Boots. The Wheatleigh has a temperature rating of -25 degrees Fahrenheit, so your feet will stay warm in practically any situation.

Columbia's Men's Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe is another option if you need a larger size or a more robust style. These all-terrain hiking boots are an Amazon bestseller with enhanced traction rubber bottoms, better cushioning, and waterproof full-grain leather exteriors. The Newton Ridge, like the Wheatleigh, has Omni-grip technology and a dual-zone tread design for better ice traction.

UGG Rain Boots are the best for heavy rain.
UGG is known for manufacturing some of the coziest house booties ever, but they also make a variety of weather-resistant boots for even the wettest of days. Take, for example, the UGG Women's Sienna Matte Boot. Thanks to their molded rubber shell and the brand's distinctive cozy sheepskin inner, these mid-calf rubber boots can endure everything the weather throws at them. They'll keep you safe from just about any puddle, too, at 10 inches tall.

Consider the Men's Hannen Tl Winter Boot for a more rugged, logger-style look — it's one of the most stylish waterproof boots ever made – it doesn't look like rainwear, does it? These boots are made of waterproof leather and have sealed seams to prevent moisture intrusion. They also include a traction-enhancing outsole and a toasty wool inner.

Muck Boots are the best choice for muddy terrain.
If you're brave enough to venture where most mud-haters fear to go, Muck Boot is an excellent brand to look into. There are lots of options for rougher terrain, such as the Muck Boots Hale Multi-Season Women's Rubber Boot, which is 100 percent waterproof and suitable for any season. They're made of tough neoprene, the same thick, insulating material used in wetsuits, and offer shock absorption, heat retention, and the flexibility you need to avoid blisters and chafing.

Consider the Men's Woody Grit Rubber Boot, which offers all of the same comfort and flexibility as the Men's Woody Grit, but with a more substantial silhouette and some strategically placed camouflaging. It also has a stretch-fit topline that fits securely around your leg, keeping warmth in while keeping dirt and debris out.

Timberland Winter Boots are the best for winter hiking.
Look no farther than the Timberland Women's White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot if you enjoy hitting the trails regardless of the weather. This tough competitor is built to keep you safe and comfortable while navigating treacherous rocks or woody backcountry terrain, thanks to its deep rubber lugs that give exceptional traction. They're made of 100 percent leather and have a tractioned rubber sole. They're also designed to be waterproof and shock-absorbing.

Looking for a different seam-sealed solution that keeps water out on all levels? The Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot offers the same level of protection as the White Ledge for women, with full-grain waterproof leather that looks fantastic on the street or off-road.

Nautica Boots are the best overall.
Looking for a terrific winter footwear that can do it all? Nautica is a fashion-forward brand with a wide range of boots, from weather-resistant options to fashionable, lightweight options like the Women's Ensign Ankle Boot. While it's not suited for extremely cold weather, it's a fashionable alternative that'll go with your winter clothing and keep your feet warm.

The Nautica Men's Waterproof Shell Insulated Snow Boots are also a terrific option, especially if you like the classic and perpetually preppy look of the classic and perennially preppy duck boots that are wintertime favorites across the country. They're the ideal winter boot for mild rain and snow, thanks to their gripping, waterproof shell bottom and vegan leather top.

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