"How to Make Slime" and 6 More Science Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Do you share your home with the next Einstein? You can't go wrong with entertaining science activities at home, whether your child is a budding genius or just a science nerd attracted by amazing stuff. You may consider science kits to be nothing more than fun toys, which is why you'll appreciate them even more once you understand how instructive they are for your children.

Because a lot of schooling these days takes place at home, we looked for some of the greatest activities that are fun for both school days and rainy days while also benefiting your child's education and development. As you build volcanoes, cultivate crystals, and take on next-generation LEGO sets capable of morphing into some pretty interesting machinery, you could find yourself reliving some of your own best childhood experiences.

So, whether you're confined inside during a future quarantine (we hope not) or you're looking for unique holiday gifts for your kids, start with this list of intriguing ideas. What are the chances? You might even discover some interesting new scientific truths while guiding them through these entertaining activities. Check out our top selections for toys and kits that will motivate your children to learn and grow, regardless of whether they want to.

With a colorful slime kit, you can make a variety of slimes.
Using glue, multi-purpose contact lens solution, and baking soda, generations of aspiring scientists have created their own slime. Yes, it's that easy, but if you want to take your slime-making to the next level, an Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit is the way to go.

Five different bottles of Elmer's glue in various colors, as well as five Elmer's Magical Liquid Slime Activators that eliminate the need for baking soda or other ingredients, are included in the flexible set. Create slimes with cool metallic colors, glow-in-the-dark capabilities, and unique textures using these safe, non-toxic materials. Your child's imagination is as limitless as the possibilities.

National Geographic can help you grow some dazzling crystals.
Do your kids enjoy playing with crystals and interesting rocks? You can give kids a fun and educational take on geology with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DIY Crystal Creation Kit. Each kit includes a vibrant crystal learning handbook packed with fascinating scientific facts as well as everything you'll need to grow your own crystals at home.

Simply mix your seed rock, genuine crystal specimen, and quick crystal-growing powder according to the simple instructions. Then, as more crystals bloom each day, sit back and wait for the magic to begin. Giving your children the most comprehensive crystal kit on the market could spark a lifelong interest in chemistry and geology.

With a Solar System Ceiling Kit, you may transform your room into a spaceship.
Remember those glistening, sticky (and occasionally glow-in-the-dark) stars your parents used to hang from the ceiling when you were a kid? With the Great Explorations, you may introduce your youngsters to an even cooler indoor solar system. Glow-in-the-Dark Ceiling Kit with 3-D Solar System

More than 200 glow-in-the-dark components are included in the set, giving your child a front-row seat to the stars. Decorate the ceiling with 3-D adhesive planets, stars, comets, and asteroids for a hands-on astronomy lesson. It even includes a detailed planetary guide that will teach the entire family everything they need to know about the night sky.

Start a Chain Reaction with LEGOs.
LEGOs have evolved into the stuff that STEM skills are made of these days, much to the chagrin of barefooted parents. The LEGO Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit is a Nappa Silver award-winning approach to pique the interest of aspiring engineers and physicists globally in this category.

It includes colorful instructions for teaching your youngster how to construct ten different machines that can perform everything from toss rubbish into the garbage to ring a bell. There are LEGO pieces, six plastic balls, twine, paper, ramps, and much more included in the package.

The Glow Volcano Eruption Set is a blast to play with.
Seeing your own small volcano explode is one of those things that, no matter how old you become, never gets old. With the Glow Volcano Eruption Kit, you can now enjoy the excitement of glow-in-the-dark volcanic eruptions with your kids whenever you like.

It includes a bag of baking soda, a bottle of citric acid, a bag of glow powder, a volcano base, a connecting tube, and all of the necessary step-by-step directions to get the party started. This glow-in-the-dark volcano kit is the stuff of wonderful family memories spanning decades, as informative as it is amazing.

Improve Cavity Sam's condition with a tried-and-true operation.
Who can forget Hasbro's original Operation Board Game's adrenaline-fueled fun? If you haven't already, introduce your family to the game that has been teaching kids about the importance of focus and dexterity for almost 50 years! Cavity Sam is back, and he's just as sick as he was before.

With the electrified operating tweezers, your kids may make him feel better by gently removing 13 ill parts. Okay, so many of the pieces are required for survival — and a couple are entirely fictional — but biology isn't the goal of this game. A steady hand goes a long way, and you already know what happens if you strike the sides of each opening by accident. Buzz! Kids can play with their friends and family or work on their dexterity abilities alone.

Become a budding geologist by cracking open a geodes set.
What kid doesn't enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden treasure and doing some digging? Get children interested in geology early on with a National Geographic Premium Geodes set, which includes 15 vivid geodes with crystal minerals like amethyst and quartzite buried inside.

The kit comes with 15 high-quality geodes as well as safety goggles to wear while breaking them apart to reveal the gleaming treasure inside. This kit, which comes with a colorful study guide and two display stands, is sure to please the whole family — but be sure to bring some strength.

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