Glittery Accessories to Brighten Up Anyone's Christmas Wardrobe (Gift Guide)

While the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the look of the 2020 Christmas season, there's no reason that quarantine should prevent you from enjoying the enjoyment of a few seasonal items. What better way to brighten up the end of the year than with some delightfully festive clothing additions that put you firmly in the spirit for holiday fun? There's something about a wonderful holiday item that distributes some much-needed cheer, whether you show them off during Zoom parties with coworkers, a socially detached trip to the grocery store, or around the house to brighten your own day.

Get into the spirit with some unexpectedly gorgeous, affordable jewelry as well as some amusing novelty things that are sure to make everyone in your family smile. Want to bring holiday cheer while also taking care of those on your "nice" list? The items we've gathered also make excellent gifts that are simple to send to pals — no sleigh required. These joyful accessories are sure to delight, whether you're looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater or some wonderful stocking stuffers for the kids.

Pins & Brooches for the Holidays to Complete Any Outfit
Don't underestimate the power of a well-placed brooch to instantly lend a bit of festive brightness to any party dress — or even an ordinary I'm-running-socially-distanced-errands getup. They're a terrific way to get in on the holiday spirit without spending a fortune on a reindeer-emblazoned sweater set that you'll only wear once a year. The FERVENT LOVE Wreath Brooch, Candy Cane Brooch, and Bells Brooch are fantastic places to start building a fun wardrobe of holiday-themed pins.

If you're a fan of the holiday brooch look, it's a good idea to make an entire collection to wear throughout the season. The YSD Jewelry Christmas Brooch Set and the Gift Bow Holiday Pin Set will have you looking and feeling festive for the holidays. Having a collection on hand is a terrific way to maintain variety and ensure you have a number of options to match with various outfits.

Brooches are not only an excellent way to add a festive touch to any top, bag, or scarf, but they also make fantastic gifts and wrapping decorations. Of course, you can use them as stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts, but they're oh-so-easy to pin to the ribbon wound around a large Christmas present, and they're sure to make the recipient smile.

Holiday Scarves, Hats, and Face Masks to Add a Pop of Color to Any Outfit
Who says accessories can't be festive and utilitarian at the same time? There are plenty of fantastic holiday-themed things on the market that may easily help you share seasonal cheer during FaceTime chats with friends or important outdoor activities. Face masks will almost certainly be necessary for some time to come, so why not dress them up for the holidays? Check out this cool rhinestone-studded Christmas Snowflake Face Mask, which is made of high-quality, breathable, and soft material, and this reusable Plaid Face Mask, which is ideal for freshening up an outfit long after the holidays are over.

You'll also find a variety of festive seasonal accessories to keep you warm when the weather turns icy. Take, for example, this super-fun two-pack of Christmas LED Light-up Knitted Beanies, which includes three distinct flash modes, and this hilarious Christmas Tree Beanie, which will help you spread smiles. When in doubt, a classic Santa Hat is always a good choice, since it acts as a quick costume change for any holiday-themed party or event.

Last but not least, these Vivian & Vincent Holiday-Themed Infinity Scarves are light and airy. They're a terrific way to spice up your personal wardrobe or make a great one-size-fits-all gift for anyone on your list — after all, who doesn't want to be toasty this time of year?

Earrings and Necklaces That Will Make You "Sparkle and Shine"
It's time to dive into the deep end of holiday bling if you're ready to go all-out with the glitz. Christmas jewelry is a terrific way to add a little sparkle to your holiday celebrations. Fortunately, there are many of excellent options available, ranging from unexpectedly exquisite to blatantly outrageous. Dress yourself with the Your Little Lovely Jingle Bells Necklace, Bracelet, and Earring Set, inspired by Santa's sleigh. The bells genuinely chime as you move, creating a delightful jingle-jangle.As a result, the kit is an excellent gift for tiny children; you'll never have to worry about finding their hiding places around the house again.

These stunning EVER FAITH Austrian Crystal Winter Party Snowflake Dangle Earrings should do the trick if you're searching for something a little more elegant. Apart from the fact that they're large snowflakes, they're modest and unobtrusive, so they'll work with practically any ensemble. Rock the gift wrap look with the Gift Bow Stud Earrings Set, which comes in a range of bright hues, whether your style is a little more mod or bohemian. Both are perfect for adding a little glitz to any winter look without being too overtly Christmas-y.

Looking for anything along the lines of an ugly Christmas sweater party? Step out in style with this original LED light up Christmas bulb necklace from Windy City Novelties. Who says houses have to have all the fun of getting all decked out in lights every year?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Turn You Into the Party's Star
Without a collection of gloriously awful Christmas sweaters, no self-respecting Christmas accessory list would be complete. We can't get enough of the silliness of the ugly Christmas sweater, which has clawed its way into the pantheon of Christmas custom to sit proudly beside greats like eggnog and mistletoe.

If you really want to go all out, check out the AIDEAONE Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweater, which has real lights. You'll not only blend in at any ugly Christmas sweater party, but you'll also be able to enjoy late-night bike rides without the need for a luminous vest all season. Keep things a little sassier with the "Ya Filthy Animal" Ugly Christmas Sweater if appearing like a shocking melange of Christmas motifs isn't your style. At your Zoom Christmas gatherings, this pick will get you a lot of second looks and approval from fellow Home Alone enthusiasts.

Looking for something respectably obnoxious without going too far? The V28 Reindeer Christmas Sweater is a fantastic option that will transport everyone back to a time when Christmas sweaters were cheesy without being sarcastic — a time when this winterwear was corny without being humorous. Want something that isn't at all obnoxious - in fact, it's sort of cool? Don holiday sweaters with Marvel characters like Deadpool and Black Panther for a truly Marvel-ous, festive, and colorful appearance.

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