This Weighted Blanket is popular with over 25,000 Amazon customers.

Weighted blankets are an excellent technique to aid with sleeplessness or worried sensations. However, there appear to be a plethora of options available these days, some of which aren't so good for your money. This weighted blanket from Quility, thankfully, combines comfort and cost. In fact, this product has been praised by over 25,000 people!

What makes the Quility Weighted Blanket stand out from the competition?
You may have looked for weighted blankets in the past, but the Quility weighted blanket stands out. These blankets — which available in sizes for both kids and adults — are a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a high-quality weighted blanket with ultra-soft fabric and a reasonable price tag.

Is this the first time you've heard of a weighted blanket? These items are made to help you release oxytocin, the neurotransmitter that causes you to feel relaxed. The Quility blankets, in particular, are filled with micro-glass beads that are equally dispersed throughout the blanket, guaranteeing that it does not bunch up. Additionally, you can get a blanket in a variety of weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds, allowing you to match your Quility to the appropriate weight group without having to deal with something overly heavy. Unlike other weighted blankets, this 100 percent cotton blanket is permeable, and the glass bead-filled section inside can be removed, making cleaning a breeze.

On a Budget: A Weighted Blanket
Many customers have fallen in love with the benefits of their Quility blankets, claiming that they enhanced their sleep quality, assisted with sensory issues, and helped them stay asleep all night. "My experience was absolutely wonderful," commented reviewer Granny D. I awoke this morning after sleeping for 8 hours and not waking up….The blanket is quite lovely, and the duvet adds a wonderful touch. It is heavy when you raise it (the entire blanket), but not when you lie beneath it. I didn't get too hot, just nice and toasty… This morning, I'm having a party." With four and a half stars and hundreds of extremely good reviews, it's difficult to argue with this product's performance. So, if you're on a budget and want a weighted blanket, the Quility is a great option.

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