Moyses Stevens Flowers Review: Why You Should Order From One of the UK’s Oldest Flower Shops

Looking for the ideal approach to surprise a loved one? You might find that Moyses Stevens Flowers is the ideal florist for you. The florist can help you with everything from seasonal flowers for your house to a lily arrangement for your partner's birthday.

Moyses Stevens Flowers isn't your typical florist, though. This renowned flower store, which specializes in luxury and elegance, offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to make your loved ones smile and feel satisfied. Furthermore, the meticulous attention to quality and adaptability with their wide range of packages is what sets Moyses Stevens Flowers apart.

In turn, this guarantees that everyone receives some of what they desire. Are you still unsure about what you should give your loved one? This in-depth review of Moyses Stevens Flowers covers every aspect of the florist, including the services they provide.

Concerning Moyses Stevens Flowers

Since 1876, Moyses Stevens Flowers has been selling flowers. The florist has made their mark as a real monument to honing their profession over the course of well over a century in business. The best flowers are the main focus of Moyses Stevens, which you may purchase in-person or have delivered to your door.

You may choose from a range of high-end, award-winning flower items, including custom bouquets of tulips, roses, and a variety of other flowers, to suit varied consumer requirements.

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Review of Moyses Stevens Flowers' Product Offering

There are several floral and plant products available from Moyses Stevens. The florist is well recognized for its custom bouquets and upscale flower collections.

The florist offers services to;

  • Home delivery for family members and friends
  • Marriages and childbirth
  • corporate occasions
  • Funerals
  • Events of different kinds

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Collection of Flowers

The most magnificent flowers are used in each arrangement, which is handcrafted in the florist's London studio using flowers from all over the world. You may pick from a large range of floral arrangements, including home seasonal patterns, roses, fragrant flowers, and endless flowers, as well as creating your own unique bouquet.

For instance, the lilac bouquet features a rose, Limonium, and white nigella combo for a lovely pastel palette. Seasonal foliage is then added to the arrangement to give your house a refined feel.

The cherry lady bouquets, on the other hand, are ideal for people who like brighter hues. It includes three exquisite shares of deep, rich calla lilies that combine purples, speckled flowers, and dark, velvety tones. The floral arrangement is emphasized with a white hydrangea backdrop.

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These are just a handful of the numerous floral arrangements available to you and your loved ones. Each bouquet option is also available in three different sizes: ordinary, big, and deluxe. Additionally, you may add other presents like chocolates, champagne, bonbons, or even just a vase to your flowers. As an alternative, you can pick a discounted bundle deal.

Collection of plants

Additionally, the florist has a big assortment of indoor plants. You can choose common houseplants like monstera leaves. As an alternative, you might choose sizable, colorful, and creative arrangements prepared from home.

These houseplants are wonderful for decorating event centerpieces, giving as gifts, and even beautifying your home. You may pick from a variety of possibilities when buying your plants to get the ideal result.

These options include selecting a group of plants or individual ones, the color of the pots, and if you wish to include a gift (similar to the flower bouquet bundles).

Opulent orchids

Luxury orchids and common green plants are the two different sorts of Moyses Stevens Plants. There are many various types of luxury orchids, including uncommon and difficult-to-find alternatives. For instance, you may select a gorgeous arrangement of orange phalaenopsis orchids.

These types are bred especially for their large flowers and striking appearance. These orchids are normally sold individually or in sets of three and come in ceramic bowls.

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Green, Leafy Plants

Similar to that, common green plants come in a broad variety that you can buy separately or in sets. The two-piece set kentia palm, for instance, is the ideal complement for modest floor areas. With its arching stems and finger-like leaves, the tall, beautiful green foliage palm gives your living room a dramatic, distinctive appeal.

The ZZ plant, on the other hand, will appeal to flower enthusiasts who lack the knowledge or the time necessary for adequate maintenance. The plant, which has the moniker "unkillable," endures the most extreme circumstances, from underwatering to bright or low light settings. However, it still has a broad, appealing foliage finish for your home's ideal green environment.

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Pricing, Specials, and Promotions at Moyses Stevens

Most customers may afford Moyses Stevens' flowers and plants because to their wide price range. Depending on the quantity and arrangement, flowers might cost anywhere from £60 to £130. The price range for plants is similar, starting at £50 and going up to £300.

To help you save even more money, you may also benefit from a variety of extra client incentives. Every client who has an account with Moyses Stevens is immediately enrolled in the rewards points program. As a result, for every £10 you spend, you can earn up to 10 points.

You may use them to get prizes like store credits and promo coupons if you achieve a certain number of points. For instance, if you have 1000 rewards points in your account, you can receive up to £20 off during shop promotions.

Additional Benefits for Customers of Moyses Stevens Flowers

For consumers who seek a consistent supply of flowers or plants, Moyses Stevens offers a subscription service. You may select from a broad variety of options and designs with this service, including English Garden, modern house, and Scandinavian sets. Alternately, you might choose the florist's rotating arrangement.

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The delivered flowers also come in various finishes, such as loose, as a bouquet, or in a vase, and in sizes ranging from standard to deluxe. You may select between weekly and monthly deliveries, among other delivery frequency options. For those occasions when you want to give your loved ones a present, the florist also provides gift cards at various price points.

The value of Moyses Stevens Flowers

Numerous customer testimonials indicate that Moyses Stevens Flowers are well worth the cost. Moyses Stevens Flowers has been in business for more than a century and is still making a difference in the industry. The florist stands out, though, for more reasons than just its 100+ track record.

Delivering the best and most expensive flowers and plants, Moyses Stevens has developed its craft, creativity, and quality throughout the years. Additionally, the florist provides a variety of flower and plant selections.

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