How to Pitch Stories to Focusye

Everyone at Focusye is obsessed with finding the best items for our readers. We've all experienced the disappointment of spending money on something that doesn't live up to our expectations. And we want our freelancers to write every post for us with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail, whether it's a personal essay or a how-to. We're always on the lookout for more journalists that share our enthusiasm for our goal. After all, we can only be inclusive in our coverage of what's best for the majority of people if we have a varied pool of authors.

Much of our work is done by our team of specialist journalists, who are continually testing and retesting goods in order to keep our reviews up to date. However, we do welcome submissions for shorter pieces on occasion, and we cultivate ties with freelancers to collaborate on long-form guides. What you should know is as follows.

How we work

We use a combination of data and trends to determine which types of things users need and desire the most information about when assigning evaluations. (However, we aren't completely dominated by numbers; we also rely on common sense.) As a result of this procedure, we don't accept many pitches for reviews, which are usually written by members of our team. Updates to previously published guides follow a similar procedure, albeit they may need far less effort. However, different editors may occasionally require writers with beat knowledge to update or revise an existing guide, and we also publish shorter, less time-consuming pieces. We're interested in meeting new writers and getting suggestions for these pieces.

What types of pitches we accept

We accept pitches for shorter news stories, odes, and how-tos about the products we already cover. We don't accept cold pitches for long-form reviews, which we normally give to our staff, but we're always interested in meeting freelancers with beat experience who we could assign guides or updates to in the future.

What we pay

We usually pay $300 for shorter pieces, however this can vary based on the effort involved. Our prices for long-form reviews vary. A new review or rewrite of an existing review costs roughly $1,500 (with some exceptions when the update is extremely rapid or intensive), and an update to an existing review costs around $500 (with some exceptions when the update is particularly quick or intensive).

Who we’re looking to work with

We'd like to build ties with freelancers who are experts in the fields we cover. Are you a cookbook author who can't get enough of kitchen gadgets? A networking expert who lives to improve people's sluggish internet? Are you a trained industrial designer who enjoys obsessing over the design of desks and chairs? Is there a form of expert writer who is equally qualified? We're looking forward to hearing from you.

How to pitch

A solid pitch should consist of no more than a catchy headline and a few words to three paragraphs of explanation. We're looking for articles on things and how to live with them: in-depth features, unconventional perspectives, or a letter of recommendation for a product that our readers may not be aware of. A good pitch makes you wish the narrative had already been written so you could read more of it.